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How to allow meta tag in blog posts in Joomla

If you need to add meta tag to your Joomla blog posts, you should do next five steps:

1) Make sure that your EasyBlog component used TinyMCE as default text-editor:

1.1) Open Components->EasyBlog->Settings->Layout->Dashboard.

Make sure that Default editor selected as «Editor — TinyMCE».

2) Select on top menu: Extensions ->Plug-ins. On the filter field type «TinyMCE» and press «Search»

3) Click on «Editor — TinyMCE» in search results.

4) Under the «Basic Options» find «Extended Valid Elements». On these field you can type your meta code: meta[itemprop|content|type]. NOTE: If you not put attributes inside square braces, you’ll get empty meta tag and all attributes will be ignored

5) Press Save and enjoy:)