MH Real Time Clock Module 2 arduino library and pinout


If you bought Real Time Clock Module 2(RTC) for your Arduino somewhere on the internet, you maybe asked the question: where is the library for this thing?

The answer is simple: on GitHub.

Just download zip-file and install it to your Arduino library in folder named DS1302.

Then connect red wire to VCC and +5V on your Arduino, black — to the GND and to the Arduino’s ground.

(bradeboard image you can find on examples/breadboard.png)

Connect yellow wire to RST pin on your RTC and to Digial 5 on your Arduino;

Connect blue wire to DAT pin and to Digial 6;

Connect green to CLK pin and to Digial 7;

Then go to your DS1302 folder and run set_clock.ino from  /examples/set_clock/ folder

Don’t forget to set up correct date on line:  Time t(2013, 9, 22, 1, 38, 50, Time::kSunday)



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